Guided tour of the monastery St. Marienthal
Our guides will lead you through St. Marienthal and explain the eventful history of the monastery by means of the cultural- historical buildings.
Kirche in St. Marienthal

Historic towns: Görlitz, Bautzen, Herrnhut and Zittau

The cities of Görlitz, Bautzen, Herrnhut and Zittau are only a few kilometres away from St. Marienthal. They have historical old towns with a wealth of sights and museums (Silesian Museum, Natural History Museum, Cultural History Museum, Cathedral Treasure, Lenten Cloths, Herrnhut Star Manufactory etc.).

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Stations of the VIA SACRA

Several stations of the sacred cultural route “VIA SACRA” are very close to St. Marienthal: Görlitz (Holy Sepulchre, St. Peter’s Church, Synangoge), Zittau (Lenten Cloths), Oybin Monastery and Castle, Cunewalde (largest village church in Germany), Cistercian Abbey Marienstern etc.
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